Fishing Lawson’s Fork, Spartanburg, SC

Some decent fishing can be found at Lawson’s Fork (Spartanburg, SC, USA) off of Emma Cudd Rd., if you can be patient. It is a hidden gem.

View from the bridge at Lawson's Fork in Spartanburg, SC.
A view from the bridge at Lawson’s Fork off Emma Cudd Rd. is Spartanburg, SC.

Lawson’s Fork (2022)

I have spent many hours fishing at Lawson’s Fork, in Spartanburg, SC, where Emma Cudd Rd. meets Clifton Glendale Rd. Although the fishing can be a bit slow at times, there are some decent size fish at this location. I have caught everything from bream and bass to carp and catfish at Lawson’s Fork. The largest carp I have caught thus far has been 32 pounds. I have also caught a 29, 21, 17, 13, 10 and a 7-pound carp as well. Most of the times I have fished there, the wait has been a bit long. Baiting up the hole periodically beforehand seems to help a lot. Taking time to bait up the location over a couple weeks’ can increase your odds of a hooking nice carp dramatically. Right before dusk seems to be the best as far as production. Generally, I have fished near the pinned location on the google map below and fished about three quarters of the way across the river. It seems to be kind of a sweet spot, just in front of the overhanging trees on the other side.

There have been times, unfortunately, that I have fished all day long and never caught a single carp. I’d sometimes catch everything but a carp. My guess is that the river has some very nice carp in it, but because of its size, the numbers might be a bit low. There are probably around a hundred to two-hundred decent carp in this stretch of the river, which is blocked off in some areas by rocks, debris and a dam. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could catch a 40-plus-pound carp there with patience. After talking with some of the locals, bass around ten pounds have been caught there and catfish over 20 as well.

Along with the nice fishing, the scenery here is pretty good to boot. People sometimes gather down below the bridge or dam, near the waterfall, and take photos and sunbath along the rocks. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people taking graduation photos there because of the nice backdrop the water and rocks offer. Also, since I am not sure how safe the water is, I would not recommend eating the fish from this river without first checking with the Dept. of Natural Resources. Many times, their website can contain information from DHEC related to how safe the water is for the consumption of fish.


Photos of the Location

Below is also a short video showing where we fished while at this location. Enjoy!

I have found that a basic orange boilie can be quite effective at Lawson’s Fork. You can find that recipe here:

Basic Orange Boilie Recipe – BaitMix

This is a google Earth image of the area where Mr. Krit fished on Lawson's Fork and caught the 32-pound carp.

Click here for link to google maps.

Below are some nice photos from The Lawson’s Fork Canoe Landing off Emma Cudd Road in Spartanburg, SC.

Here are a couple more photos for you to enjoy!

This is a photo of the public access area of Lawson's Fork near Emma Cudd Road in Spartanburg, SC.
Mr. Krit is holding a carp weighing 32 pounds from the Lawson's Fork River in Spartanburg, SC.
32lb Common caught June 2020 at Lawson’s Fork, Spartanburg, SC