Floyd’s Carp, Cat and Lakeside Grill Gallery

Some nice photos of Floyd’s Carp, Cat and Lakeside Grill located at 939 Whit Mar Lake Rd., Shelby NC, 28152, USA. It was a joy fishing at one of my favorite carp fishing pay lake locations on a comfortable April Friday night.

A beautiful night photo of Floyd's Carp, cat and Lakeside Grill in April 2023.
A nice night at Floyd’s Carp, Cat and Lakeside Grill (2023).

On April the 21st, 2023, I was able to take a trip to Floyd’s Carp, Cat and Lakeside Grill for a relaxing night of carp fishing. Overall, this was a very good carp fishing experience. You can tell that these two families are trying their best to make their carp lake one of the best around and so far, they are doing just that. The lake is very clean, and the lakeside grill makes it easy to get yourself a little snack while you fish. Several times throughout the night, this really nice young lady will even drive the golf cart around, take your order and deliver your food. The bathrooms are clean, the shop offers a wide variety of bait and tackle, and the general atmosphere is outstanding. Here are a few beautiful photos from that night we think you will enjoy.

Here is a BaitMix podcast for this location: