Green’s Fishing Lake Talk

Here is the fishing hole discussion for Green’s Fishing Lake in Chesnee, SC, USA on March 7th, 2023.

Rods in the water at Green's Fishing Lake in Chesnee, SC, USA.
Green’s Pay Lake, lower front side.

The Location

With the passing of the lake’s legendary owner Ken last year (2022), I wasn’t sure I would ever get a chance to go back to Green’s Fishing Lake and fish. His loss was a difficult one and most people probably assumed that would be the end of an era. He really was such an enjoyable person and had one of those personalities that will be hard to forget.

I was coincidentally driving buy Greens just the other day and saw some folks fishing. I figured it might be a good opportunity to see if fishing was still allowed at the lake. How nice would that be! There were like 3 or 4 small groups of people out there sitting along the lake. So, I politely walked up to one of the small gatherings and began asking a few questions.

Once they explained that fishing was still allowed for $10.00 per fisherman, I was already making plans to come. It was just a matter of picking the right day and Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, seemed perfect. It was a chance to get back to Greens and enjoy a lake that I had enjoyed so many times before.


Since I had already fished Green’s many times over the years, I was pretty familiar with the lake and its layout. I knew going in that since the lake likely hadn’t been stocked for a while, the total number of fish might be a tad low. With the previous owner’s health being an issue, running the lake and stocking probably wasn’t a priority for the last couple of years. Not to mention, I believe the lake also had to have some repairs done to its dam which may have added to the delays. Fish tend to die in these pay lakes over time due to natural attrition, but there are usually still plenty to be fished. It’s just a matter of which ones and how many. It’s really hard to be certain.

First Impressions

Green’s is a beautiful fishing lake. Although, it’s very large compared to many pay lakes that I see. In the past, throwing to the rope could prove to be difficult for some less experienced fisherman. It’s pretty far. Additionally, the road it’s located on does get some traffic but it’s not too much. It’s reasonably quiet out around the lake, making it easy to sit back and enjoy the sun and the environment. Driving around the lake isn’t too bad on the front side, but there are a few potholes and ruts you’ll need to be mindful of. The old shack near the shallow end of the lake on the point is still very prominent, but definitely showing its age. It looks as though it’s time for some repairs after all these years of use.

There are also a few sheds around the lake that people use to get out of the weather in case of rain and what not. Not too many, but enough. They are reasonably well kept and, in most cases, in decent order. The trash cans around the lake are also easily accessible and appear emptied on a regular basis. It’s a clean lake and the other fishermen seem to be doing a good job of helping keep it that way. My first impression was a good one.


The weather on the day I went to fish was amazing. A gorgeous spring day, roughly about 77 degrees and sunny. It was very comfortable to be out around the lake. The only issue with the weather on this day was the wind. It was gusting pretty hard at times, maybe 10-15 mph.

Setting Up

We decided to setup near the deep end of the lake on the front side. We usually always sat on the front side at Green’s. I’m not sure if it’s the best spot on the lake but it’s not bad for catching fish. Historically, I have always seen many of the bigger fish come from other spots, but I did like our choice. We sat around spots 6 and 7. They are right near the deep end rope as indicated by the photo shown above. I felt like most of the fish would still be near the deeper end since the weather had been typically on the cooler side the last few weeks. I felt pretty good about our location.


We had decided to keep the bait simple today, so we went with an easy chow-based bait recipe. I’ll link the exact recipe we used down below for those that might like to see it. Chow can be a really good all-around pay lake bait if your lake allows the use of chow. I’m not sure I’d rank it near the top of my all-time baits to use at a pay lake, but it is pretty versatile. I have won many tournaments over the years using chow-based baits. It does particularly well when the weather isn’t steamy hot. The problem with chow is that will attract a fair number of other non-carp species too. Since it’s made of dog food ingredients, you might find some of the local catfish being a bit bothersome. Still, we had a good bit of chow on hand, so we decided to give it a try for the day and hope for the best.

Link to bait recipe we used <<

The Vibe

Once we got everything baited and all the rods in the water, it was time to sit back and enjoy some fishing. It was just such a beautiful day that it was hard not to have fun. Being out on the lake again at Greens sure does bring back some good memories. At lunch, we even ran up the road to this little restaurant and grabbed some hotdogs to eat at the lake. We had the entire lake to ourselves. We were the only one’s fishing at the lake that day. The ducks were playing, there was very little noise and we even decided to listen to a little basketball on the radio. The entire fishing trip had a great vibe. Ken had always been such a great guy and with his passing last year (2022), I found myself thinking about him a lot while I was there. I always liked him, and I can honestly say that he will be missed by a lot of people.

The Haul

Once we got our rods in the water, we immediately started getting hits. Right off the bat, we caught a catfish. Of course, this was both good and bad for obvious reasons. Good in the sense that we were catching fish and bad that it wasn’t a carp. If you are like me, I love catching the hogs (big carp), but I was hoping not to have to bait my rod 50 times because I’m catching too many little catfish. I did hang one carp while my bait was still sinking, just after I tossed it out. So, they were certainly biting. The carp and the catfish were both being pretty active. The bait we had seemed to be working, but like I had said before, it was attracting both the carp and the catfish. Lots of little catfish.

In hindsight, I probably should have used another bait option. Something that catfish didn’t love quite as much may have been the better choice. Still, my bait was working well. I just had to keep baiting up constantly. There were times when I had a hard time keeping all four rods in the water at once. We did end up catching around 7 carp, all small and around a dozen catfish. We missed a few more. We quickly ran out of bait, so we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked. We brought about 3 pounds worth of trout chow bait, but we used it up pretty fast. We arrived at the lake at around 10 am but ended up leaving around 3 pm. It was still a ton of fun, but we certainly didn’t expect our catfish friends to be so active that day. Next time, we will try something else.

Shack Talk

Since the lake is only being used for fun fishing at the moment, there really isn’t much to share here. The only interaction we had with the ownership was with one of the grandchildren who drove down to collect the money. She was very nice and welcoming. She did ask that we drop the money off at the residence located right behind the lake shack the next time we came to make it easier for them to collect and of course, we said no problem. The shack itself is closed to the public at the moment.

Final Thoughts

Other than the wind and the very hungry catfish making things a bit more aggravating, this was a great trip. A great setting, a nice day, lots of bites, nice ownership and food right down the road. What more could you ask for? If you are just looking for a place to go relax and catch some fish for fun, you can’t go wrong here. That was our goal, and we did exactly that. It would have been nice to have caught a few larger fish but I’m sure that will get addressed later on with either some stocking or a little good fortune. Overall, it was a nice time and I’d certainly recommend this lake to anyone looking for a nice day out along the lake to catch some fish and relax, if you happen to be down around Chesnee, SC, USA.

And to Ken… God speed my friend.