Krit’s Top Ten Pay Lake Flavors for Carp Fishing

Here are my Top Ten Pay Lake Flavors for Carp Fishing. I have used all of these many times with great results. If the lake is hitting on any of these flavors, you will likely do very well.

This photo is of various colors and flavored pickups used for carp fishing.
Beautiful pickup colors and flavors.

Flavors Matter

Over the past 30 plus years, I have used all sorts of carp bait flavors. Whether I was fishing at the river or at a local pay lake, I tried just about everything under the sun at one time or another. Even though I generally had some success with even my most wild of ideas, there were some bait flavors that I generally relied on more than the others. In this blog, I have decided to list my top ten favorite pay lake carp bait flavors of all time. These are my most basic flavor options. You can find these just about anywhere, no matter what part of the world you are from. My number 1 choice might surprise some of you. Let’s take a look.

Krit’s Top Ten Pay Lake Flavors for Carp Fishing

10. Peach

Although not one of my most used flavors, peach has always produced. The carp seem to love it. It’s easy to find and I’ve found it to be more effective if you can add some real peaches to the recipe or even some peach baby food to really give it a little more flavor pop.

9. Cotton Candy

Talk about a great smelling bait. Anytime you get a whiff of this flavor, it’s easy to see why the carp love it. I have used this bait many times over the years with solid results. It smells particularly nice in a rice-based mix.

8. Butterscotch

Similar to peach, this is a flavor that always seems to produce. It has a great smell and is fairly consistent. If you want butterscotch with a bright green look, you can use the Green Monster recipe. The Green Monster is basically a green butterscotch.

7. Grape

This is one of the most used flavors on the list. I can’t tell you how many times over the years that lake fishermen have used Grape with positive results. Many pay lake spots have been won with Grape. It is a staple flavor.

6. Raspberry

In the hottest times of the year, Raspberry flavored bases, like rice will produce well. I won’t say it’s as common on the pay lake as grape, but it can be a very nice change up if grape isn’t having the best night. I have used it quite a bit and I feel confident having it as an option.

5. Strawberry

This one shouldn’t surprise anyone. You were probably just wondering where it would land on my list. Strawberry is easily a top 5 flavor and one that even the most seasoned carp fishermen have used and still lean on. Even if we were not talking about just basic flavors, Strawberry would still rank high. It’s a proven carp favorite.

4. Butter N Nut

Sometimes also called butternut, this is one great smelling bait. This is one of my most used bait flavors. I use it a ton. I love the smell and the carp seem to love it too. I have won many carp tournaments with Butter N Nut. It smells great with several bases, like rice or millet. Hard to go wrong with this one and it’s readily available at most supermarkets. Highly recommended!

3. Orange

I won’t say this is a bait I have used as much as Butter N Nut, but I did rank it a little higher. I tend to catch bigger fish on this flavor. Orange is the kind of flavor that I like to use with a grits-based recipe. If the weather is hot and Steamy, Orange flavored grits can really bring in the hogs. I have caught many carp over 25 pounds with Orange on a hot and steamy summer day.

2. Cherry

Now we are talking. Cherry! This is one of my all-time favorite flavors to use at a carp lake. I have used cherry in chow-based baits many times with terrific results. When I go to a chow lake (a lake where people fish chow) for the first time, many times I’ll use a cherry flavored chow recipe. It’s an easy bait to make and very consistent. Even if you don’t win, you’ll almost always catch fish. If you can fish cherry flavored chow in the same spot for hours at a time and get the fish to feed, you can spend an entire day raking them in. It’s the kind of bait you can use to enjoy a nice day out having fun. It’s easy to find and simple to make. Cherry chow works well for both catfish and carp and great during the cooler months of the year.

1. Vanilla

My number 1 all-time favorite basic carp bait flavor for both wild water and a pay lake is Vanilla. I find it a little harder to use Vanilla flavors in chow-based baits, but in rice and dough, its great! If you want to use it in chow, it’s a little better if you mix in some Vanilla rice to help magnify its scent and flavor. I have caught some really nice fish on Vanilla in all sorts of recipes. Fishing the graveyard on Vanilla can many times bring in the large on the night in grits if you are patient. It is a proven world class flavor.