Pay Lake Directory

Welcome to the BaitMix Pay Lake Directory.  We hope this lake directory will help, as time goes along, to more easily find those lakes which can prove difficult.  If you know of a lake you wish to have added, please post the listing on the forum in the Pay Lake Locations and Schedules section. We will add them as we see them.  Please remember to include all the information in the forum post that we would need to complete the information listed here.  The email is used below in instances where no other email address is known.  We will attempt to answer all the questions we can if we receive an inquiry to that inbox.  Thank you!

Finding the right pay lake can be like hunting your keys in the dark.

Finding the right pay lake can prove to be quite a challenge.  I cannot tell you how many times over the years I have forgotten the name of a lake or lost their contact information.  How frustrating it can be.  Here in the BaitMix Pay Lake Directory section, we are trying to remedy some of that difficulty.  Still, it is virtually impossible for us to run all over the country in search of every pay lake and its information, but we do try to add some as we come across them.  It is a slow, tedious process.

That being said, if you know of a local pay lake and you would like to pitch in by sharing whatever information you have, please go to the pay lake portion of the forum and make a mention of it.  We will add it to the list here when we see it.  In addition, if you notice that any of the listings contain an error or if you have something to add, please email us so we can correct it.  It is our intention to keep the listings as accurate as possible, but lakes come and go all the time.  You can imagine the challenge this might present.

However, if we all work together, we can build a wonderful pay lake directory that will not only help the lakes with a little more visibility, but it will also prove to be much more convenient for the fishermen as well.