Fishing Hole Talk

We will try to keep you informed with our Fishing Hole Talk.

At BaitMix, we are always on the lookout for a new place to fish and pay lake fishing is also part of what we do.  There are many hidden locations out there that you may never have heard of, and BaitMix will fill you in on as many as we can.

As we fish each new location, we will pass along the experience to our community through our website Podcast, Blog and You Tube channels. Hopefully, this will better prepare you and your family for your fishing adventures.

Green's Fishing Lake Talk
Here is the fishing hole discussion for Green’s Fishing Lake in Chesnee, SC, USA on March 7th, 2023. Green’s Pay Lake, lower front side. The Location With the passing of the lake’s legendary owner Ken last year (2022), I wasn’t sure I would ever get a chance to go back to Green’s Fishing Lake and fish. His loss was a difficult one and most people probably assumed that would be the end of an era....
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Fishing Hole Talk

What do we share? Everything!

Where did we decide to fish and why?

In our Fishing Hole Talk, we not only talk about the basics, but also the things that are not quite so obvious.  We will attempt to pass along all of the relevant information that we have.  Every new location we visit will have its own challenges and together, we will explore and discuss them all.  

Telling the story.

When we get a chance to fish at a new location, we love to tell all about our trip. We like to talk everything from preparation to packing up.  This is a terrific way for our members and guests to follow along as we explore each new location and paint them an accurate mental picture of where we are.  Many times, we will also tell this story in our BaitMix Podcast

What bait and tackle did we use?

Bait, bait and more bait.  At BaitMix, we certainly never run short of things to say when it comes to bait and fishing tackle.  We will always do our best to share with you all of our new BaitMix ideas and attempt to keep you well informed.  We hope you will enjoy many of our product reviews and our vast BaitMix database.  

What was running and how did we do?

We will also spend some time discussing any tournament details if we happen to fish at a Pay Lake or if there were any other sort of competition involved.  We will cover everything from where we sat, to the type of bait we had decided to try.   We will even take some time to share with our community, what type of atmosphere the lake seemed to generate and, of course, finally, the results of our trip.  

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