We expect great things from our YouTube channel.  We will be releasing video content two to three times a month starting in May of 2022 and continuing.  We hope you will enjoy the vast collection of both fun and informative content soon to come.

In our BaitMixes blog category, we will be adding an impressive database of carp and other fishing bait recipes and how-to’s.  Over time, we expect it to very useful as a baiting reference.  Logged in users can submit their own bait recipes here or you can submit one to the forum here as well.  

As time goes along, we hope to see our BaitMix brand grow.  Hopefully with a lot of hard work and a little time, we can continue to see the BaitMix brand take small steps toward what we all hope it can be.  It won’t be easy but nothing worth having ever is.  

In Nov. of 2021, we launched The BaitMix Podcast.  We expect to publish about one podcast episode per week.  This will be another way for us to grow our brand and offer more useful content to our site members and guests.   

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