Too Easy Grits

This is a really simple grits base bait that I would highly recommend in hot weather for catching carp.

The simplicity and quick setup time makes it an ideal choice when you need a fast but effective bait for carp. It works well for both common and buffalo carp. I have used this bait several times with great success. It breaks down in water in about 1 to 2 minutes and for some reason the orange flavor in this example is a terrific choice for some big fish. The family size instant grits that are used in this example can be a little hard to find unless you get the box with packets and have to tear them individually but if you can find it, it works well. Grits based baits tend to work best in 80 degrees or higher temperatures.

Image of Orange flavored grits and cream corm.
Image of orange flavored Grits.

Too Easy Grits

Mr. Krit
A Simple grit-based, orange flavored pack bait.

Not For Human Consumption.

This recipe is intended for fishing purposes only.

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Set Up Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Predicted Cost (US): $12.00
Course BaitMixes
Cuisine Fish Bait

Additional Information:

Bait Base: Grits
Bait Type: Pack Bait
Fish Type: Carp
Best Used: Summer
Water Type: Lake or Pond
Servings 7 Cups


  • 1 Bucket (A 5-gallon bucket is preferred.)
  • 1 Bucket lid
  • 1 Something to stir with


  • 36 ounces Instant Grits (You can buy the family box without the individual packets.)
  • 14.75 ounces Cream Corn (1 can. Generic brand is fine.)
  • .44 oz. Orange Cool Aid (Two regular .22 ounce packs of Kool-Aid.)


  • Pour the 36-ounce box of instant grits into a bucket.
  • Then open the can of cream corn and pour both packets of cool aid into the can and mix.
  • Then pour the liquids (Can of corn and Kool-Aid.) into the bucket of grits and mix thoroughly.
  • Place a lid on the bucket and wait ten minutes and it's ready to pack and use.


This is a very easy and effective grits recipe.  
I used this recipe on 7/7/2020 and caught about 10 carp at Fosters paylake.  I used 2 packs of orange cool aid to flavor it.  For my pickup i used corn puffs with karo syrup and 1 pack of orange cool aid. It was mostly sunny and 90 degrees.  Three of the carp(buffalo) weighed 35, 28.9 and 20 pounds.  I also caught several teen yellow carp and lost a few runs. 

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