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If you are looking for a Top-Rated Web Hosting service that you can be proud of or simply looking to elevate your current hosting service to something more professional and responsive, SiteGround might be exactly what you have been searching for.

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Where it all Began…

Whether you are a professional looking for a hosting service or a hobbyist looking for a home for all your websites, deciding on a hosting service can seem daunting at first. With so many different hosting services on the web nowadays, researching them often raises more questions than it answers.  Weighing the pros and cons of each service and figuring out which to commit to for the long haul can be a tough choice. Some hosting services offer lots of features but cost way too much, and some offer a simpler approach with a cheaper price, but then you find yourself waiting all day for your site to load. Maybe you really do get exactly what you pay for. Or do you?

Many years ago, I signed up on a web hosting service that, at the time, was pretty awesome. I stayed with them for well over 15 years. But, as time went along, it was one problem after another. In the beginning, getting help wasn’t too hard. Back then you could call them up and at least they would speak to you, and most times it was in a language you could understand. But wow, how times have changed. Time after time, I logged in to a new set of issues and eventually, could no longer speak to anyone over the phone, it was online chat only. Eventually, the online chat representative couldn’t even speak English very well. Oh boy!

The customer service and overall quality of the hosting experience was just getting worse and worse. One time I remember that some of my sites loaded so poorly that I could literally go make coffee and return and still, the site would be sitting there spinning. Load times were so slow that tinkering with my sites was no longer fun. So, there they sat. For almost 2 years, I put off working on them because I knew the load times would just frustrate me to death. Although I continued to complain to the hosting service, all I got were false claims, excuses, and, in some cases, they even blamed me. They said I had too many photos or too many addons on my WordPress sites and that’s why it was so slow. I found that hard to believe when two of the sites were just plain jane simple WordPress sites with minimal addons and hardly any photos. Still, they insisted. So, my search began for something better.  After over 15 years of loyalty, I knew I deserved better, and I was determined to find it.


During my search to find something better, one thing quickly became apparent to me: many of these low-quality hosting services were owned by an entity called EIG (Endurance International Group). Founded around 1997, according to Wikipedia, this umbrella company has been gobbling up companies for years and owns several of the most widely known hosting services. You can find a complete list online, but some of them are HostGator, Bluehost, iPage, Fatcow, etc… Each time a new company is bought by this monster, it seems that their service starts to suffer. And ultimately, the customer suffers.

Knowing this, one of my biggest criteria was to find a hosting service that was not owned by EIG. I also wanted it to be reliable, knowledgeable, easy to use, offers lots of services, dependable, affordable and a company that has a really great initial trial cost to test it out. I mean, we can talk all day, but the real test is in having some real-world first-hand experience with any company and see if they measure up. Well, it seems I finally found exactly what I was searching for… SiteGround.


After a good bit of research and sorting through various web hosting comparisons, I decided to give SiteGround a try. I have to admit, I felt really fortunate choosing them. Compared to the hosting service I was using for over 15 years; they were light years better. The biggest thing I was most concerned with was site load times and general speed, because the other service was just so awful. Not sure what the old service was doing to get such bad load times, but it brought me to the point of serious frustration. Not only did my sites load much better, the ease of use and features offered by SiteGround were really nice too. One other thing that I really liked was that SiteGround also does daily backups of all your databases and sites. Daily! In the past, at the other hosting service, I had to pay for that.

After many years of constant problems with my former host, SiteGround finally gave me the relief I so desperately needed. I enjoyed working on my sites again. Even though I’m no expert with web design, they took a lot of the worry off my plate and made things fun again and worry free. I really liked how user friendly their backend UI is. Also, when you go to sign up for the first time,  SiteGround gives you a promotional period where the initial cost is really low and affordable. This will give you a chance to try it out without investing very much up front. So, I tried them for a year. I was super pleased. What a huge difference! Worth every cent I paid, hands down. By far the best hosting service I had ever tried and for many years to come, I plan to stay with them. I loved them so much I even asked to become an affiliate, and I am very proud to be one!

SiteGround Affiliate

Just to be clear, I did not decide to become a SiteGround affiliate because they asked me to or because I wanted to make a few bucks. I became an affiliate because I believed in their service. It is truly outstanding. Easily one of the best web hosting providers anywhere online. I recommend SiteGround because they check all the boxes. I use them myself, I have enjoyed them, and I’m certain that you will too.

After your initial trial period of a year or two, you will begin to pay a little more of course. You will then be charged their normal rate, which is higher than some places but not by much. But let’s be honest, you won’t get this kind of quality hosting without paying something fair, for you and for them. It’s a win for everyone. They have to make some money in order to provide you with the best possible customer experience. A price I’m happy to pay for what I’m getting in return.

As an affiliate, it helps me when you click any of the links on this page and sign up with SiteGround. They give me a few bucks as a referral, which is kind of nice. However, it does not cost you a single penny more. What you pay is the same. Whether you click a link here or find your way to their site another way, it doesn’t affect you at all. Clicking one of the links here is just a way to say thank you for steering you in the right direction. Those few dollars will go a long way towards helping me cover some of my own online costs.

Thank you for reading this blog and please, click the link down below and see what SiteGround has to offer you. You might be really happy that you did!

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